Three talks in Vancouver

For those Bo(o)neheads who follow me to every event in VW vans, I’ll be giving three talks in Vancouver next month:

  1. BuddyPress: Beyond Facebook Clones, Oct 13, WordCamp Vancouver. I’ll highlight some uses of BP that are not straightforward social networks. (BTW, if you know of any really cool ones, please let me know in the comments!)
  2. Free Software and the University: The Story of the CUNY Academic Commons, Oct 14, BuddyCamp Vancouver. I’ll be using the story of the Commons as an excuse to rant about an allegory about the importance of free software in public schools.
  3. Getting Started with BuddyPress Plugins, Oct 14, BuddyCamp Vancouver. I’ll be giving an overview of what WordPress plugin developers need to know about getting their feet wet with BP plugins.

8 thoughts on “Three talks in Vancouver

  1. Michael Branson Smith

    The talks all sound great (though I’d be fairly lost on the last one.) Let me know if you’re interested in live streaming any of them, if the conference isn’t already doing so. I can give you the keys to the Wowza stream, even broadcast it on the Commons.

    1. Boone Gorges Post author

      Hey Michael. I think there’s plans to livestream both events (definitely in the case of BuddyCamp), but the streaming’s being done professionally, and I think they’re planning to charge a couple bucks to viewers to recoup the costs. If that plan doesn’t pan out, though, I’ll definitely be seeking out your help for the Wowza stream.

  2. sillyandrea

    I recently helped launch . Kinda hard to spot where BP is, but they use the courseware plugin.

    I could probably get permissions to send some logged in screenshots. The owner of the site uses BP to deliver her courseware to Fortune 500 companies.

    1. Boone Gorges Post author

      Andrea – That sounds very, very cool. If you were able to send a few screenshots of the BP part, with a little more detail about how BP is being use (any interesting plugins or mods), that’d be really helpful.

  3. David Bisset

    The site is still in flux, and mostly now under client control but uses BuddyPress, geo location, and Bing maps. Try to go easy on me with this one, client made some uh “interesting” choices.


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