Help fund a round of Anthologize development

In 2010, I was on the team that built Anthologize, a WordPress plugin for turning your WP content into ebooks. (For more on the project, check out my previous posts on Anthologize.) People continue to be interested in using Anthologize. Just the other day, for example, the nice folks at Profhacker published a post on using Anthologize to build a printable syllabus. When I saw that blog post come through my Twitter stream, my first thought was “Oh boy, here comes another round of bug reports that the team doesn’t have time to address”. Somewhat in jest, I tweeted the following:

I got quite a bit more interest than I expected. In addition to a couple direct inquiries from individuals and organizations, CHNM – where Anthologize was originally prototyped – offered to match, dollar for dollar, any donations to the cause (up to a maximum of $5,000).

So now I’ve got to put my money (or your money!) where my mouth is. I’ve started an Indiegogo campaign where you can pledge any amount to support a round (or more) of development time for Anthologize. Check it out for full details: The campaign runs through October 10, and development will start in November.

Please spread the word!

2 thoughts on “Help fund a round of Anthologize development

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  2. Daniel

    Looks cool! My wife is a budding writer/blogger so the idea of converting a blog easily into an E-Book is exciting. We contributed at the level of the “Starving College Grad Package”.

    Speaking of supporting nifty projects, I’m looking for some advice: I just recently came across a plugin called Query Multiple Taxonomies by Scribu.

    It’s an amazing plugin, in that it allows a visitor to easily navigate between query pages, adding and removing taxonomy items to and from the query string at will. I’ve got a dev workup on a social worker’s social network project I’m working on.

    But the problem is the plugin/widget doesn’t integrate with search. If it allowed users to add and remove search terms at will alongside these taxonomy items, it would basically be, as far as I can tell, the ULTIMATE WORDPRESS CMS TOOL OF ALL TIME, allowing the most dynamic combo of search and drilldown in the history of everything. I imagine this would have implications across the board — WPedu, WPngo, WPbiz — anybody who’s got tons of content they want people to be able to narrow down dynamically.

    I reached out to the developer about the idea of including/integrating search into the plugin. He said he wasn’t interested in developing this, but would be open to dev help. I said I’d be willing to help with more noobish/hackish/basic/UI things, but would look for further support.

    I’m wondering if you can coach/advise me on anything from next-steps and contacts to reasons I shouldn’t be pursuing this.

    Thanks for your consideration.


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