New BuddyPress plugin: BP Group Management

Another day, another plugin for BuddyPress. In BP < 1.2, it was impossible for site admins to manage group membership in groups where they weren't also the local admin. This is good in a lot of situations, but in some applications of BP it can be a pain – the system administrator needs more power in order to correct problem, wreak havoc, and so on. In BP 1.2+ the situation is better – admins can manage groups more – but it's still not all that easy to see everything in one place. This plugin rectifies the situation by allowing site admins to manage the members of groups across their BP installation from a single screen.

Read more about it.

3 thoughts on “New BuddyPress plugin: BP Group Management

  1. Deryk Wenaus

    an idea for the future: incorporate group subscription status into this plugin. It would be nice for the admin to check and possibly set the default email subscription for all groups in the back end.

  2. Boone Gorges Post author

    Great idea, Deryk. Actually, I think that belongs in the group subscription plugin – I should just make sure I have all the right hooks. I’ll do that in the next version of each.


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