BP Group Management

This plugin creates an admin panel at Dashboard > BuddyPress > Group Management. On this panel, site admins can manage BP group membership by banning, unbanning, promoting and demoting current members of any group, adding new members to any group, and deleting groups.

Requires BP 1.2 or higher. If you’re running a 1.1.x version of BP, a mostly functional version of the plugin can be downloaded by clicking here. Tested fairly thoroughly on BP 1.1.3; please test before running in a production environment.

I consider this version to be something of a beta release. If you find problems with the plugin, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Download the plugin here.

BP Group Management has been downloaded [downloadstat url=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-group-management/stats/” get=”total” autop=”false”] times. Are you using this plugin? Consider a donation.

Translation credits

  • Italian – Luca Camellini
  • Turkish – gk
  • German – Tom

Version history

0.1 – March 4, 2010
Initial release
0.2 – March 7, 2010
Fully localizable
Avatar bug fixed (thanks for pointing it out, anointed!)
Hooks added for additional group actions
0.3 – March 8, 2010
Pagination on group list allows you to see all groups (thanks, Andy!)
Group avatars added (thanks, Andy!)
Italian translation included (thanks, Luca!)
0.3.1 – March 16, 2010
Turkish translation added (thanks, gk!)
German translation added (thanks, Tom!)
Sitewide roster altered to include all members, not just members active on BP
0.4 – March 21, 2010
Added plugin settings page
Member list is now paginated (defaults to 50 per page)
Admin can now specify how many groups or members to show per page
Group Actions menu added to Members and Delete pages
Links to Group Admin page added throughout

77 thoughts on “BP Group Management

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  3. Jim Groom

    This is a great plugin, good stuff. Now let me ask you this, is there a way for group members to share a specific feed that populates the shared group feed. I want to use groups in an upcoming project to aggregate syndication from peopl’s various blog spaces (reflections, grammar exercises, etc.) and wondering if there is a way not only to show a feed from a group blog, but also various feeds from a students and faculty members respective spaces.So the group feed kind of being a streamlined version of an aggregated course blog.

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  5. Eric Bobrow

    I just set up BuddyPress and added your plugin to our new family website. We have about 39 members, and I would like to add everyone to a base group called “Family”. When I go to the Manage Groups page (created by your plugin) I can only see about 8 of the members. I’ve added most of them to the Group, but still can’t see any of the other family members. Any idea why this isn’t showing all the Users on the site?

    If it would help, I could create a temporary account for you to login and look at our site. We just created it a few days ago, so there’s not much there yet, just trying to get the structure working.

  6. Boone Gorges Post author

    Gene – I haven’t tested it on a single WP install but it should work. There’s nothing I can think of in the plugin that makes reference to the multi-blog abilities of MU. I’ll get a single instance of WP up and running soon so I can have a look, but my bet is that it will work.

  7. Gene

    You’re right, I did some preliminary testing on a BP/WP single install and everything seems to work as it should.

    Great work!

  8. Eric Bobrow

    I just got your reply comment – it was caught in my SpamArrest filter the past few days.

    I updated your plugin this week when WP notified me that an update was available. This seems to have fixed the problem – now all my WP users show up in the list, and I have easily added them to the BP group membership.

    Thanks for creating and refining an essential plugin!

  9. Boone Gorges Post author

    No problem, Eric. Very glad that it’s working correctly for you. I’ll be rolling out a new version sometime next week with a few more features, such as the ability to sort and paginate member lists. Stay tuned to your plugin page!

  10. mercime

    Hi Boone, thank you for this cool plugin.
    I just installed the plugin in WPMU2.9.2/BP1.2.3 site. As site admin, I can promote a member to Moderator or Admin for the group. But if that member is already Admin of the Group, there is no option to demote to Moderator, only option is Member.

    The only other group plugins I have on are Group Tags and Restrict Group Creation. Disabling both still does not allow me to demote the current group admin to moderator. What else shall I look for?

    Thank you.

  11. Boone Gorges Post author

    Hi mercime –

    The promotion/demotion buttons are pulled right from BuddyPress core (I didn’t invent them). And in BP core, there is no “demote to moderator” option. In other words, you’re not experiencing any problem with the plugin – it’s working as intended.

    To do what you want to do, you should be able to demote to member and then immediately promote to moderator. Let me know if that works for you.

  12. mercime

    Boone, thank you for your response. I was more concerned whether I missed or messed up something on my end. Now that I know it’s core behavior, I’m at peace 🙂

  13. Ron

    When I try to add someone to a group I am getting,

    Call to undefined function is_user_member_of_blog() bp-groupblog/bp-groupblog.php on line 248

    I can’t seem to find any help online. Ideas?

  14. Boone Gorges Post author

    Hi Ron. It looks like it’s a problem between BP Groupblog and BP Group Management. Try shutting off BP Groupblog and testing this plugin again to see if the problem goes away. Let me know what happens – if it does turn out to be a problem with the groupblog plugin, I might be able to account for it in another release.

  15. Graham

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a way to restrict users to one group (in this case, a group defines the user’s city) in a user-based website. People would be able to login and declare that they’re a member of one group/city… but they couldn’t belong to two cities.

    Would there be a way to do this with this plugin?


  16. Wayne Moses Burke

    I’m having a minor problem with the plugin – not a big deal, but thought you’d want to know about it.

    I’m also using the BuddyPress Group Email Subscription plugin, and on the group > Admin > Manage Members screen, it accurately shows each member’s subscription status, eg All Email – but on Group Management > Members screen, it always seems to show No Email as the chosen option, independent of their actual status.


  17. Boone Gorges Post author

    Ha, I didn’t know that BuddyPress Group Email Subscription integrated with Group Management. I will have a look at this bug in the near future (it should be a problem with the email plugin, NOT Group Management, but I’m an author on both).

  18. Wayne Moses Burke

    I just had some problems that I managed to solve that I believe are related to the interaction between this plugin and the Email subscription plugin – have a look and feel free to contact me for more info.

    I documented what happened here:

    Also, this came about because I was trying to figure out:
    1. how to remove someone from a group without kicking and banning them, and
    2. if kicking and banning still allowed them to receive emails through email subscription (which it seems to do).

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  20. Boone Gorges Post author

    Thanks for the feedback about the interaction between this plugin and the group email subscription plugin. I’ll look into it soon.

    Wayne – There is nothing built into BP that allows “simply” removing. Kicking and banning amounts to the same thing as removal, with the addition that the user cannot rejoin. In order to have simple removing, you’d have to custom code it.

    Kicked and banned users shouldn’t get emails – that sounds like a bug. I’ll look into that soon as well.

  21. charlie

    I’m not sure whwrre to post my question! (but don’t let anyone get me wrong, this is a great plugin)

    It appears that the group management plugin alloows you to administer the “group email subscriptions” (another plugin), however, when I try to adjust group users email subscriptions, it doesn’t allow me to change them.


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  23. Lance Lawton

    Great plugin, thanks 🙂 One feature request. A common gripe I have with a lot of group / forum platforms etc is the stark language used in managing members. Especially terms like “ban” – let alone “kick & ban” as this thing has. (NB: I’m assuming my gripe is with your plugin, as distinct from BP itself??) I appreciate the usefulness of that lingo if one is managing a large public network with a gazillion members, including the inevitable proportion of the human population who may be a tomato short of a whole salad. But if, like me, you’re managing a small task group who all get along very nicely – then it’s far from helpful!! I’ve just had a person very politely withdraw from the group for a good personal reason – and my only option for deleting them from group membership is to “ban” them. Can I please simply delete them, so their name doesn’t continue to appear in the group members list as “banned”.

    So one gripe + feature request .. in an otherwise fantastic plugin for which I say a big thankyou 🙂

    1. Boone Gorges Post author

      Thanks for the comments, Lance. Actually, the language “Kick and ban” does come right from BuddyPress. I agree that it’s not ideal, but it’s importantly different from simply Remove in its functionality: someone who’s been kicked and banned cannot reapply for membership. I agree that it would be nice to have a simple “remove” feature, but IMO that’s better done in BuddyPress itself, and then accommodated in BP Group Management. (Maybe open a ticket at trac.buddypress.org?)

      If it makes the situation any better for you, I believe that “banned” members only show up in group rosters for group or site admins. I don’t think that others can see them.

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  25. JaredW

    Do you know of a way to list all members and their profile field info in a list form? Each profile has a name, email, phone #, address, and we’d like the members to be able to browse the list and contact each other to schedule activities.

    Thanks for any advice on this.

  26. james marsland

    Hi Boone,

    I have working (almost with wp single) but I have the same problem as Charlie (28) . As admin I can add members to a group but I can’t change their email settings.

    tks for any help

  27. Johnny Mestizo

    Hi Boone,

    Excellent plugin.

    Feature request – is it possible to make Sub Groups.

    Just like how bbpress allows you to make sub forums with the option of category forums (simplified forums with no topics).

    I just want to better organise my groups and improve navigation without relying on a search box.

    Thanks for the time,


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  29. Ipstenu

    FYI, to make this work on WP 3.1, you need to make a change to bp-group-management-bp-functions.php

    Line 21 needs to change admin_menu to network_admin_menu

  30. John

    Thanks @Ipstenu, I was looking for any direction on making it 3.1 compatible. I don’t believe it was on line 21, but a quick search for admin_menu was good enough.

  31. Cindy

    Has the issue between BuddyPress Group Email Subscription and Group Management been resolved? I’m still having issues with it.

    Thanks! It’s a great plug-in, except for the email issues 🙂

  32. Bjerke

    There seem to be a bug in BP Group Manager that effectuates fatal error in a new site (multisite). If you create one group and one forum and one post in forum, then the bug disappears.

  33. Bjerke

    Sorry, I forgot to write that you should create a group, forum topic and forum post, BEFORE you activate the BP group management plugin.

  34. Mel Powell

    Plugin is awesome but I am having one small problem. When I try to “Manage Members,” the plugin is not allowing me to change a member’s e-mail status. For someone set to receive “new topics,” I click on “All E-Mail” to change that status…the page comes back up a moment later and that member is still set for “new topics.” Is this a bug or something I am doing wrong?

  35. David Beebe

    Awesome plugin Boone! I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for troubleshooting. I have one main group of 150 users and I keep hearing complaints that certain update email updates are not going through. I recently moved it to a dedicated server, which timing wise is when more of this started happening, but I can only randomly reproduce.

    Other groups seem to work and sometimes daily digest emails go, sometimes they don’t. I have even setup email accounts in between some customers email addresses for testing and I can reproduce. When I look at the queue it doesn’t look right. For example I go in there now and I see a couple email addresses and a couple updates only out of the 152 – the daily digest would have sent over an hour ago. But that makes no sense as there have been no updates to that group since the last daily digest so there shouldn’t be any.

    Also 3 accounts I tested never got the daily digest and it didn’t go to spam or anything. Any thoughts, logs, etc, that I can check? Best ways to troubleshoot? Or some way to almost reset the plugin as it seemed to work fine up until the last week and I haven’t done any updates. I did just do an update now though – I was only 2 minor revisions behind.

    The sum page doesn’t seem to give me enough information? Thanks! David

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  37. Betty Donelly

    Hello Boone,

    I just installed the plugin and in Buddypress –>Group Management, i only find a listing of my groups with some additional data such as the Group name, number of members (currently just 1, myself, because i’m just starting out with buddypress) ..

    I cannot find the ‘Manage Members’ button or link, on the listings page i just have a link to ‘Plugin Settings’ where i am asked to fill in the number of members per page and such.

    I’m not in a hurry since no one signed up as a member yet, but i think if i could really manage my members it would be a great asset so it’s worthwhile to wait on your reply to this question!



  38. HansRuedi Keller

    Hello Boone

    Would it be possible for you to include a switch in your Group Management Settings of BP Group Management to disable the «Leave Group» button/functionality for Members?!?

    I’ve set up a Site with BuddyPress for a regional group doing
    «Crisis Management Emergency Planning and Civil Protection».

    Makes sense: it’s important that nobody will leave a group…
    …only an Admin should be able to do that – if needed.

    1. Boone Gorges

      Hi HansRuedi,

      I’m wary of introducing this feature into BP Group Management itself, because the only way to remove the button systematically (in a theme-independent way) is with kind of a crummy hack. But, in any case, here’s how you would do it in a functions.php or bp-custom.php file:

      function bbg_remove_leave_group_button( $button ) {
      	$cant_leave_these_groups = array( 1, 15, 83 );
      if ( 'leave_group' == $button['id'] ) {
      		// Hack to get the group id in any context
      		$group_id = (int) array_pop( explode( '-', $button['wrapper_id'] ) );
      if ( in_array( $group_id, $cant_leave_these_groups ) ) {
      			return false;
      return $button;
      add_filter( 'bp_get_group_join_button', 'bbg_remove_leave_group_button' );

      Make sure to replace the group IDs in $cant_leave_these_groups (at the beginning of the function) with the proper group IDs that you want to remove the ‘Leave Group’ button from.

  39. Brian White

    In a multisite installation, in the Members section, to add a member we are presented with a paginated list of all users in the multisite system – and they are not in alphabetical order, making it quite a slog to find and add a particular user to a group. What would be needed to either add an AJAX search function for the list (ideal) or at least render the list in alphabetical order based on last name?

  40. Ben DeLoach

    Plugin worked great on MultiSite until I installed BP Multi Network. Multi Network works fine but BP Group Management doesn’t show up in the BuddyPress menu anymore. Any ideas on a fix or do I need to go another route? Thanks.

    1. Eric Langley

      I have the same issue. The plugin only appears to run on the Network Admin page so Multisite control is unavailable.

      This is a great plugin and really needed functionality.

      Any chance of getting this plugin updated to work with WP MS, BP MN. By the way I am running Brajesh Singh’s BP MultiNetwork.


  41. HansRuedi Keller

    You show the Display Name in your Group Management. And if you have two (or more!) users called – let’s say «John» – one John Miller and one John Gorges – and both decided to display «John»… It’s a must to do a mouse over and search in the URL for the real one. Possible but… Why not having more info in the backend GUI itself? Like «John (John Miller)» or something like that.

  42. Grant Swaim

    Nice. However, I did get an error code when I went to Group Settings – made no changes – and returned to the plugins admin panel:

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/digitall/public_html/wp2/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-management/bp-group-management-aux.php on line 136

    The plug-in still seemed to work OK


  43. CB Bowman

    I am so confused, I was hoping that your plugin would allow me to close certain sections/pages of my website to non members. But after I downloaded the plugin on my Word Press site I did not see any changes; no place to input information as to which pages to identify as those that will be password protected.
    I would appreciate some help. BTW I am a novice so please keep all advice really simple.
    Thank you in advance for your help

    1. HansRuedi Keller

      First of all: it’s a plugin for BuddyPress, and only for BP. And it has absolutely nothing to do with passwd protection. It allows you as admin to manage members of BP groups in the backend of your WP/BP installation.

      1. CB

        Thank you so much for replying, I’m a novice so I don’t know anything about BuddyPress. But it sounds like it is not the plugin I’m looking for. I need a plugin that will only allow members to view certain pages i.e. samples of contracts

    2. Quint Rahaman

      Try http://www.s2member.com

      They have a few introductory videos which will help you to better define your use case models and to ask targeted questions. Those folks should be able to provide you with clarification.

  44. CB

    HANS thank you so much this is hard stuff to learn on your own but I’m getting there I’ll deactivate the other and install your suggestion. I’ll let you know how I do -:)!

  45. cryptoniko

    Is there any possibility to add a sorting (ordering) functionality on a members pages? For example order by login or last name. I have a few hundreds of users in some of my groups and I need to delete some of users. Finding specific user in that list is a quite complicated task.

  46. akismet-a54c3da06c525f5e4f3e4a661744dd66

    If you’d add Group approval Process to your Group management plug in. I would Definitely donate

    1. HansRuedi

      Subscriber is a WP role and not a BP role – give that particular user “Member” status and you are fine… (BP standard roles are “Member”, “Moderator” and “Group Admin”)

  47. investoreports

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly – but plse a little more help – in the user profile “Member” is not on of the options – I can only see the typical WP roles?

  48. investoreports

    Not winning with this at all – add user to hidden group – logged in as that user – cant see the hidden group…can only see it if admin…

  49. fafs

    Hi, I’m having the same exact issue that Betty Donnelly had in 2010 – so I’m posting her issue again, as I didn’t see an answer here. I need to launch our site soon and I would appreciate a prompt reply if you can – thanks so much!

    Hello Boone,

    I just installed the plugin and in Buddypress –>Group Management, i only find a listing of my groups with some additional data such as the Group name, number of members (currently just 1, myself, because i’m just starting out with buddypress) ..

    I cannot find the ‘Manage Members’ button or link, on the listings page i just have a link to ‘Plugin Settings’ where i am asked to fill in the number of members per page and such.



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  51. tsharly

    You could delete the (Group) at once because there is in buddypress 2423 group Auto-is there a way to get rid of them all at once
    You can see my site
    Please I want to resolve the problem quickly

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