Anthologize 0.6

I just tagged version 0.6-alpha of Anthologize in the plugin repo. This new version has a bunch of bug fixes, improvements to stability and consistency of output, and a few new feature goodies. Read more about the release here.

On a related note, Anthologize development has recently moved 100% over to our Github repo. We’d previously used Trac for ticketing and Github for code management, but now we’re doing everything on Github. If you’re a user, please feel free to open new issues. If you’re a developer, send those pull requests!

1 thought on “Anthologize 0.6

  1. Mike

    It would be awesome if this worked for BuddyPress, and for everything in BuddyPress – like activity updates, profile, etc. I guess that would just make it backup tool thing like Facebook has, where you can download all your photos, profile info, etc. into a nice and simply little package, that you can open up and view a static version of everything you downloaded – or just view it in PDF. My mind’s wondering again! lol


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