Come ‘n’ see me in Vancouver

Hey you! It’s just been announced that I’ll be keynoting BuddyCamp Vancouver in October. Have you carved the date in your calendar (assuming your calendar is made of wood, otherwise any other form of marking will do just fine)?

5 thoughts on “Come ‘n’ see me in Vancouver

      1. Sarah Gooding

        Looking forward to meeting you and JJJ and everyone else too! Not sure what I what speak about. Do you know what topics are already taken? Any suggestions for what people are looking for? This will be my first WordCamp experience so I’ve never attended any sessions before.

  1. Boone Gorges Post author

    Sarah – There are some talks slated about specific BP installations, and a couple of high-level dev talks. I can imagine someone like you giving a talk on any of a number of topics: Writing good documentation for BuddyPress (as you’ve done on; something about theming for BP (as I know you’ve done a fair bit of this too); something about the specific considerations involved in doing theme design for BuddyPress (designing for engagement, etc).

    Of course, no pressure – it’ll be great to see you there whether you’re presenting or not!


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