It’s here – BuddyPress 1.5!!

It’s finally here! After many, many months of bug squashing, refactoring, and general bloodsweatntears, BuddyPress 1.5 has been released!

This long development cycle has been frustrating in some ways and extremely rewarding in others. On balance, I’m quite proud of the work that’s been done, and quite pleased to have worked so closely and so well with John, Paul, and all the other contributors to BuddyPress. My sincere thanks to all the users and developers who have been supportive during this dev cycle.

Most importantly, BuddyPress 1.5 itself kicks ass. The bp-default theme has seen some serious improvements, some much-needed features have been added, and the codebase has been overhauled in terms of additional internal APIs, documentation, style, and so on. If you’ve done development with BuddyPress in the past, do yourself a favor and check out BP 1.5 – you are in for an extremely pleasant surprise.

Here’s to 1.6 and beyond!

3 thoughts on “It’s here – BuddyPress 1.5!!

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  2. jim

    Boone: Been following your Buddypress work for years. About 1 yr 4 mos ago, you replied to a thread (see below) from Sarah Gooding from on Buddypress.Org. She coded 3 different user types at registration (I believe she created a new profile group entitled “account” for the 3 different “account” types). Thereafter, she wanted only the selected account type Edit Profile Fields to show/hide and she wanted the “Account” group to be hidden so the user could not change their account type.

    My question: Is there a more complete example of the code to do this in addition to that which you provided in the thread?

    If so, has anyone updated this approach for BP 1.5?

    If you get a chance, I greatly appreciate any feedback.

    S. Gooding Thread:


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