New BuddyPress plugin: BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs edit screen

BuddyPress Docs edit screen

Today I am releasing the first public beta of a significant new BuddyPress plugin: BuddyPress Docs. BuddyPress Docs is a collaborative, front-end, rich-text, document editing tool for BuddyPress groups (individual user Docs are an upcoming feature). Read much more about the plugin’s features.

This plugin has been developed for the CUNY Academic Commons (though it won’t be live there for a few weeks). Today’s release is a pre-stable beta – it should run fine, but there are bound to be bugs, and you probably won’t want to run it on a production site quite yet.

You can follow the plugin’s development at

5 thoughts on “New BuddyPress plugin: BuddyPress Docs

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  3. Boris Goldammer

    Thanks for this wonderfull plugin.
    I have one small issue: If I delite a doc in the front end it would be great if it would end up in the trash so you can restore it. It is quite frightening to know that any user can delite all the work by accident.
    If you have a quick fix for that, I would be more than greatfull.
    Thanks again for you great work.


  4. gratrixcoq

    This is a terrific plugin. I notice that you have autosave after 30 minutes of inactivity. Is there any way to integrate a Google Docs style autosave function, so that users don’t need to press save?

    I am just starting to use Buddypress and buddypress docs, and I have to tell you I am sure impressed.


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