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It’s here – BuddyPress 1.5!!

It’s finally here! After many, many months of bug squashing, refactoring, and general bloodsweatntears, BuddyPress 1.5 has been released!

This long development cycle has been frustrating in some ways and extremely rewarding in others. On balance, I’m quite proud of the work that’s been done, and quite pleased to have worked so closely and so well with John, Paul, and all the other contributors to BuddyPress. My sincere thanks to all the users and developers who have been supportive during this dev cycle.

Most importantly, BuddyPress 1.5 itself kicks ass. The bp-default theme has seen some serious improvements, some much-needed features have been added, and the codebase has been overhauled in terms of additional internal APIs, documentation, style, and so on. If you’ve done development with BuddyPress in the past, do yourself a favor and check out BP 1.5 – you are in for an extremely pleasant surprise.

Here’s to 1.6 and beyond!

They’ve got Wally covered

We came back from a mini-vacation in Wisconsin yesterday to find a package on our table addressed to Wally. Inside was this beautiful quilt:

The very cute card was inscribed, in part: “Commissioned by Paul Gibbs. Made by Andrea Rennick”. Paul and the Rennicks are a few of my friends from the WordPress and BuddyPress world, each of whom I’ve met in person exactly once. Lately there has been no shortage of reminders that online friends are the real deal; having some of that kindness directed toward me and my family brings it all home. It’s a nice reminder that our geographical distribution – Paul is in Old Blighty, and the Rennicks are in the frozen north – doesn’t change the fact that we’re real coworkers, and real friends.

As a bonus, you can check out a set of making-of photos.

Thanks, Paul, Andrea, and Ron!