BuddyPress Docs 1.3, featuring theme compatibility on BP 1.7

I’ve just released version 1.3 of BuddyPress Docs, my WordPress plugin that powers collaborative document editing on a BuddyPress site. The main feature of Docs 1.3 is theme compatibility, which means that top-level Docs templates (archives, single docs, and the Create screen) are no longer necessarily top-level. Using the theme compat feature of BuddyPress 1.7 (currently in beta), this top-level content is put directly into the content area of your theme’s page.php template, ensuring that Docs pages will keep your header, footer, sidebar, and other global elements.

The theme compatibility feature only kicks in if you’re running BP 1.7. Existing installations of Docs on BP < 1.7 will continue to work as before.

Are you a BP Docs user? Are you already testing BuddyPress 1.7? I'd be glad to get your feedback on Docs 1.3. Report any problems on the issue tracker.

5 thoughts on “BuddyPress Docs 1.3, featuring theme compatibility on BP 1.7

  1. Pierre Dickinson

    Hi Georges,
    thanks so much for your work on this plugin it’s really awesome. But something is missing… Could you please tell us if you’ve planned to add the “file attachment functionnality” soon (in next branche?) I’m sure you agree with me to say that file attachment is a “must have” for Buddypress Docs ! What do you think about the new Buddypress Media plugin? do you think it could be used with BP DOCS?

  2. Gabriel

    Hi Bonnebgorges,

    I see this post is about Buddypress Docs however, I need help with Budypress Docs Wiki.

    I cannot seem to find the download link anywhere. Pls, where can I find the download link?

    I will appreciate your kind response


  3. EK

    We are a amateurs group of people which developed a collaborative site using wordpress (3.5.1.) and budypress (1.7.1) for the collaborative translations languages​​ site.
    One of the plugins is “BuddyPress Docs 1.3.4”, with the objective of having online access to work documents.
    We decided use the plugin “Ice Visual Revisions” because makes revisions in the documents. Works great on deshboard -post and pages- but for some unknown reason does not work in the text editor for “BuddyPress Docs”.
    We tried a few basic ways to solve this without success, tried calling the plugin “Ice Visual Revisions” like other plugins TinyMC of “BuddyPress Docs” but we can not make work. Also try to “BuddyPress Docs” call the default setting of WordPress TinyMC but neither worked.

    We know that the problem is on the TinyMC because this is where the plugin “Ice Visual Revisions” does the job.
    Our question is if is possible to bring these two pluggins? is hard? Do you have suggestions?

    appreciate the help


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