24 thoughts on “Group Forum Subscription for BuddyPress 1.1

  1. Ray

    Hey Boone,

    Just checking the contents of the group forum subscription email and noticed that the forum thread link is using the bbPress permalink.

    I think that those of us using < BP 1.1 might want to use the BP permalink instead of the bbPress link. Might be good to make this an admin option.

    I checked the CUNY BP group forums to see how you were handling this and I see that you're redirecting group forums over to their bbPress equivalents, which is great! (I might borrow this idea myself!)

    My question is what about the sitewide activity feed? Are you filtering the activity feed to account for this?

  2. Ray

    Okay, so just a follow-up to this comment.

    I’ve filtered the sitewide activity feed as well as the group forum active topics by hacking the core files (not good I know!).

    Using an alternate email address to prevent Akismet from blocking me! hehe

  3. David

    When the official localised version (1.4?) will be available?
    For now, I cannot make the plugin works with BP 1.1 (it was OK with 1.0).

  4. Boone Post author

    Hi David,

    Version 1.3 is officially localized. The French translation (I’m assuming that’s what you’re using, given your URL) is included in the download. I’ve tested the French version on several of my own test installations, and I know it’s running on http://buddypress-fr.net/bpdemo/.

    When you say that the plugin doesn’t work with BP 1.1, do you mean that the translation doesn’t work, or that the entire plugin doesn’t work? What happens? Are you using the version of bbPress that is integrated with BP 1.1, or are you still running the separate version of bbPress that you had under BP 1.0?

  5. David

    After installation, I have no options in my profile settings, no trace of the plugin on the buddypress group pages.
    I don’t want the buddypress addon, just the group subscription, I don’t use the old buddypress forum.
    As I use a sub blog for all the community stuffs, I cannot activate you plugin on the whole site (like some others plugin). The “activate for whole” link is only for the bbpress trigger. If I activate the trigger, I get ”
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bb_get_current_user_info() in /home/casualgames/www/wp-content/plugins/group-forum-subscription-for-buddypress/bb-group-forum-subscription.php on line 110″.

  6. Boone Post author

    Hi David. If you’re not using a separate bbPress installation, you don’t need the bbPress trigger (and in fact can delete bb-group-forum-subscription.php if you want).

    I have a feeling that your subblog setup has something to do with the problem, though I’m not sure what. As long as you activate the plugin on the blog where you have BP installed (ie the community blog), it should work. Does your plugin screen say that the plugin is activated after you click the Activate button?

  7. David

    Thanks! Thats resolved part of issues.
    I installed and activate the plugin on the sub-blog (the one hosting the forum pages) and the plugin works… but:
    Impossible to reach the admin page of the plugin, the link in the admin page is not on the sub-blog and even if I add manually the /bp/ to the url, it doesn’t work.
    -> /wp-admin/group_forum_subscription -> not work
    -> /bp/wp-admin/group_forum_subscription -> not work

  8. Boone Post author

    Hi David,

    The correct address for the admin page should be something like /wp-admin/admin.php?page=group_forum_subscription. Are you seeing a Group Forum Subscription link under the BuddyPress section of the sub-blog? Where does it point?

    Can you tell me what your setup is? (version of BP and WP)

  9. David

    Hum, the plugin seems to work now,I got some email (but not translated, all is in english)

    The link point on “http://www.casualgames.fr/bp/wp-admin/group_forum_subscription”

  10. Boone Post author

    Very strange that it would start to work all of a sudden.

    The untranslated email was a bug in v1.3. It’s fixed in the trunk version. You might want to try downloading and installing the trunk version of the plugin, just to make sure that whatever’s causing the problem with the admin menu hasn’t been fixed in the trunk.

    I’m still perplexed about the admin menu problem, though. Are you running WPMU 2.8.5?

  11. David

    Thanks for the trunk. There is still a string (in the .PO yet) not well translated : New activity…. (email title).

    Yes the Welcome Pack link is ok : /bp/wp-admin/admin.php?page=dp_welcomepack

  12. Boone Post author

    Hi David,

    Thanks for finding the translation bug. It’s been fixed in the trunk. As long as the translation exists in the .po file (I think it does), it should now work in the plugin.

    I found this thread http://buddypress.org/forums/topic/add_submenu_page-_file_-problem that talks about the problem you’re having. It seems to have something to do with the fact that you’re not running BP in the standard directory. On line 131, you might want to try playing with the final ‘group_forum_subscription’ – replace it with ‘admin.php?page=group_forum_subscription’ or some variation on that.

  13. David

    Thanks, I’ll test the trunk version.
    Another comment: mail sent seems to be plain text but contain HTML tags. It’s quite bad for reading. I saw on the codex that the wp_mail_content_type filter must be used to send the mail as HTML. I tried to patch your wp_mail call, but cannot found any example for adding a filter on wp_mail_content_type on the web…

  14. Ray

    I had the same problem with the add_submenu_page function and thought I’d post it here.

    Boone, you have to change the priority of your add_action to something higher.

    add_action('admin_menu', 'gfs_group_forum_subscription_menu',30);

    This will fix the problem.

  15. AntonRSA

    I’ve been using your plugin for a couple of weeks now and found this problem.

    Once a user is subscribed to the forum post and they click on unsubscribe, if someone creates a new forum topic, they are subscribed again. If they go to notifications and switch off the notifications for the specific group, it doesn’t help. As soon as a new forum topic is started they get the mail of the forum and they are subscribed.

    Anyway to fix this?

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