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Invite Anyone 0.9: Admin management and stats



I just released version 0.9 of Invite Anyone. IA is a a BuddyPress plugin that lets users send email invitations to friends who may be interested in joining the site. IA has always kept track of sent invitations at the user level, but there’s never been a good way for get an overall administrator’s view of invitations – until now.

Invite Anyone 0.9 includes a revamp of the plugin’s Dashboard panel, including two brand new tabs. Manage Invitations lets administrators see all of the invitations that have been sent on the system, complete with sortable columns for easy lookups. And Stats lets you see, at a glance, how successful your invitation campaigns are going. Bonus: If you’ve got CloudSponge integration turned on – which you should really try, as it’s a great driver of traffic and membership – CS-specific invitations are broken out into separate Stats columns, allowing you to compare overall invitation acceptance rates with those coming from CloudSponge.

Download Invite Anyone.