Each year, I spend many hundreds of hours doing unpaid labor for WordPress, BuddyPress, and other related software projects. I do it for the <3, but if you want to say thanks…


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  1. Don Elliott

    Hi Boone,

    We need to create an enhanced search function for Buddypress for a client of ours. Ideally I think it should be based on your existing plugin so I thought we should contact you, to see if you would be interested in developing it yourself. If you are interested we can either pay you or make a donation, whichever is more appropriate. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. Hugo

    Have been requested to ask if the BP Cuny Academic Commons theme is available for use, naturally with an appropriate donation made.

  3. Ariel Klein

    Hi Boone,

    Thank you very much for developing Invite Anyone. I´m planning to translate it to Spanish and I will send the .po to you.
    To do that I´ve installed Codestyling Localization, but it said the following. Please, let me know if I can do it this way or I need to do it with another plugin.
    Loading Issue: Author is using load_textdomain instead of load_plugin_textdomain function. This may break behavior of WordPress, because some filters and actions won’t be executed anymore. Please contact the Author about that.Textdomain definition: There are problems to find the used textdomain. It has been taken from existing translation files. If it doesn’t work with your install, please contact the Author of this plugin.


  4. James

    Hi Boone,

    I was wondering if you could get in touch about a project I need some help with. More than happy to offer a good donation for any help.

    Kind Regards,


  5. Angie

    Hi there 🙂 We are a K-12 private school looking to begin an on-line academy. We are researching BlackBoard and came across your article.
    Any thought on a program that would enable us to do the virtual school for a low cost?

  6. Kathy Goss

    I am having problems with Invite-Anyone on a wordpress 3.3.1 multi-site install with buddy press. 1. I can’t get cloudsponge to work with it 2. I am getting some errors elsewhere that point to issues with invite-anyone and 3. Although still installed and working, I can no longer access the admin settings for Invite-Anyone; if it is activated at network, the settings do not show up; if its activated on the Buddypress site, the settings link only shows up on the plugins page but I get the “not having sufficient Permissions” to access. I would be more than willing to pay you a donation for this which would make much more sense than me trying to find another developer to trouble shoot this (since I have tried that route already and wasted many hours).

  7. mike


    I just saw your WordPress NYC Meetup Group presentation about BuddyPress 1.5. During the presentation you mentioned that you had done a “mini-Yelp” site for a client using BuddyPress.

    I want to build “mini-Yelp” functionality as part of a BuddyPress install I’m going to do. I was hoping you could share with me what plugins you used and/or type of customization you did to get the Yelp functionality.

    I’m not a developer and have limited PHP skills so I’d like to do as much as I can via existing plugins. Thanks.


  8. Andrea

    Hi Boone,

    I activated ‘bp-better-directories’ on my buddypress site but it seems something’s wrong.

    I’m using ‘frisco-for-buddypress’ theme.
    I noticed that if I switch back to ‘BuddyPress Default’ theme everything works fine.

    What’s the reason for that? Can you help me?

    Kind Regards,


  9. Peter Fotis Kapnistos

    Hi… I think you “BuddyPress Doc” plugin is an excellent idea. However, (as I wrote to you before) your design concept needs some improvement. Bright red and green colored message boxes can clash with a site’s color theme and professional layout. But what I REALLY need to know is how to display the document’s title only ONCE – instead of twice! As you can see from my link, displaying a title twice in a row looks like an error on every page. It hurts a website’s chances of success … ouch…

    1. Boone Gorges

      Hi Peter – It’s more difficult than it sounds to have a “design concept” that works well with every possible theme and every possible site. If you want to override the colors, it’ll just be two lines of CSS.

      To remove the double title, you can either supply a custom top-level template for BuddyPress Docs, or override the single Doc template. Either one would allow you to do away with a duplicate title. (It’s this way because of the limitations of how BuddyPress injects its content into existing page templates.)

      1. Peter Fotis Kapnistos

        RE: BuddyPress Docs.

        I did over-write the CSS.

        #bp-docs-single-doc-header > :nth-child(1) {font-size: 11px;color: white;}

        In this case I reduced the size of the second title and made it the same color as the background (white) to be invisible but still there in case the page template might need it…

        Keep up the good work!

  10. computerscustom

    Hi Boone Gorges
    I wanted to tell you that the BuddyPress plugin Doc I just think it lacks two basic functions which are very important.
    To see set in the admin plugin.
    – The size of files that users can download.
    – The number of files that each user can download
    With well on error messages or good messages to go with and I think he will complete what plugins I find good.

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