Prezi WP

Prezi WP is a simple plugin that adds a [prezi] shortcode to your WordPress installation. Use:

  • The id attribute is required. The plugin should understand both the unique Prezi ids (the jumble of letters and numbers in the URL) and the entire URL of the presentation (eg
    [prezi id=’’]
    [prezi id=’hgjm18z36h75′]
  • The plugin also accepts optional width and height parameters:
    [prezi id=’hgjm18z36h75′ width=’600′ height=’450′]

Prezi WP was developed for the CUNY Academic Commons.

Download Prezi WP here.

Prezi WP has been downloaded [downloadstat url=”” get=”total” autop=”false”] times. Are you using this plugin? Consider a donation.

24 thoughts on “Prezi WP

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  3. Gian-Lluis Ribechini


    I have problems because “View Original” doesn’t works.

    In line 44 of preziwp.php I change:

    . ‘%2$s/”>’ .


    . ‘/”>’ .

    Now, it works.


  4. Jon

    I’m having an issue getting this to work with BuddyPress activity post similar to the TED Talks plugin. Is there any advice you could give? Thanks!

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  6. Adrian Lowther

    Hi Boone

    I have downloaded your plug in for testing. I have embedded the shortcode in a test page and everything seems to work fine except I cannot vary the size and wondered what I was doing wrong ? I copied the code from the readme file like below but it doesnt seem to vary the resolution/size. Seems to work great in all other respects as I can zoom in and out and scroll back and forward through a presentation. Can you tell me if I have something wrong ?

    [prezi id=’’ height=’400′ width=’600′]


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  8. Philip

    Hi Boone,

    Having the same problem with my width and height using your plugin, I looked at the file and found the typo:



    Problem solved!

    1. Philip

      aw I give up, look at the object tag and find where it says


      You’ll notice that width = id when it should be width = width, the same for height

      1. chris

        Sorry Philip – I am surely being an idiot but I dont understand this instruction… Where would I find the object tag?

  9. Alyssa

    This plug-in is great! Thank you.

    I am encountering a problem on Prezi’s side, where a .swf audio file was uploaded without an attached image.

    At first the audio wouldn’t even play, but now that I have activated your plug-in the audio works, however an error message
    “We could not load one of your media files” still pops up before the slideshow.
    Do you know if there is anyway to override this error message?

  10. TK

    HI Boone,

    Great plug in many thanks! Just wondering if there was anyway to embed private prezis by including the auth code somehow.

    Many thanks


  11. Brenda

    I had problems with resizing and i found out why.
    I was using Chrome. I recomend firefox for resizing!

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