I’ve spent a lucky thirteen years in New York City, but my time here is drawing to a close. My wonderful wife is entering a PhD program at the University of Chicago in the fall, so this summer we’ll be trading the First City for the Second.

I’m trying to untangle my thoughts about leaving my adopted New York and returning to my native Midwest. It’s heartbreaking, thrilling, terrifying, a huge relief. For the moment, I can say with confidence that I am excited to be relocating to a city that’s served as the setting for so many great theme songs. Nothing’s gonna stop me now!

14 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. David Cavins

    Congratulations to Reba and best wishes for your reentry to the Midwest. We’re glad to have you back, even if you’re still 42,000th on the Packers season ticket waiting list.

    Finally, you’ll get to have some real pizza! 🙂

  2. Alan Levine (@cogdog)

    Keep on moving West! Pizza is one thing, but there is a world of Chicago BBQ to discover.

    Happy moving to you and the family. I like when possible to run some cross country travel by train, and Chi-town is a great point to take a break. Hope to catch up soon.


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