Unconfirmed 1.2: non-Network support; delete options

I’ve just tagged version 1.2 of Unconfirmed, my WordPress plugin that allows for easy management of unactivated registrations on your WP site.

Unconfirmed 1.2 has two new, handy features:

  • WordPress non-Network support Previous version of Unconfirmed supported only WP Multisite (Network mode). That made sense, because WP “single” does not have native support for user activation in the same way that MS does. However, BuddyPress, when run on WP “single”, apes Multisite’s activation functions, and in those cases, it makes sense to use Unconfirmed. Version 1.2 introduces support for this kind of setup.
  • A “delete” option A lot of people have asked for a “delete” button, which would allow admins to delete unactivated registrations altogether (usually used in case of spam registrations). In Unconfirmed 1.2, those wishes have been granted. The new version allows you to delete spam registrations, one at a time or in bulk.

Download Unconfirmed from the wordpress.org repo, and follow development at https://github.com/boonebgorges/unconfirmed.

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