Working on a photoblog theme for WordPress

After seeing that Andrew Spittle is working on a WordPress theme for a mobile photoblog (as discussed here), I thought I’d do the same. I happen to like Autofocus pretty well, so I’ve just made a child theme, with a few Twitter-specific modifications. Follow it on Github: (Keep in mind, you’ll need the parent theme Autofocus installed for the Boone’s Photoblog theme to work.)

2 thoughts on “Working on a photoblog theme for WordPress

  1. Cheap Cloths

    Pretty good looking site. I am interested to work a photoblog theme for WordPress. I tried to install parent theme autofocus but it said me errors. What can now I do for install it?

  2. Shane warne

    Working on a photoblog theme for wordpress is wonderful from all side. I already installed parent theme autofocus and it working perfectly. No error not shown yet.


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