How I use Quicksilver

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to post a short video showing some of the ways I use Quicksilver, the indispensable OS X launcher. Here it is, with links to tutorials explaining some of the things I talk about in the video.

How I use Quicksilver from Boone Gorges on Vimeo.

  • Customize the files and folders that QS indexes.
  • For bookmark indexing, install the plugin corresponding to your browser. If you’re running Firefox 3.0+, you might need this tweak.
  • For web searches, be sure to install the Web Search plugin AND add the Web Search List to the index (in Preferences > Catalog > Modules). Create custom web searches (search the page for the word “custom”.
  • There are a few ways to use the clipboard manager. This is one. And here’s a screencast on the process. EDIT: I had a question about how I got the clipboard history to pop up like that. Go to Preferences > Triggers and add a new trigger. The desired command is ‘Clipboard History’ (in the first box) and ‘Show Contents’ (in the Action box). My hotkey is Alt-Opt-Cmd-V, the pneumonic being that it’s like a “super paste”.

10 thoughts on “How I use Quicksilver

  1. Tsai-Shiou

    This is awesome, thanks for making it! I don’t recall you told me about the clipboard management… I’m so used to quicksilver now that when I’m at PC, I sometimes wonder why the QV window doesn’t pop up…

  2. Carlo

    Yes, I definitely do. Just checked that. I have other options, like Clipboard Contents, and Clipboard items for everything I have in the history. But not that specific option.

  3. Boone Post author

    Check in Catalog > Quicksilver to see if there’s a “Shelf & Clipboard” item there to check. (As you can tell, I don’t remember how I set it up in the first place – but I do remember it being a PITA.)

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