Anthologize allows you to collect, organize, edit, and export your WordPress content into a book.



Anthologize is populated with the content of your blog – the posts and pages that you’ve written in WordPress. You can also use Anthologize’s content importer to get content from RSS feeds. Once you’ve got your content, organize it into Parts or Chapters using the slick drag-and-drop interface. Merge, append, rearrange, rewrite, and when you’re ready, hit the export button. Anthologize currently supports a number of popular e-book formats for export, including PDF, ePub, RTF, and a modified version of TEI.

The plugin was originally developed as part of the One Week | One Tool project. I am the lead developer, but the team is really 15-18 members strong.

For more information, see the plugin homepage at


  1. Upload the bp-external-activity directory to your WP plugins folder and activate
  2. Visit Dashboard > Anthologize > New Project to get started

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Version history

0.4-alpha – August 10, 2010
Better PHP error handling for increased export reliability
Better character encoding in output formats
Better image handling in PHP export
Required compression libraries for ePub are now bundled with Anthologize
Project organizer screen improvements: Anthologize remembers your last used filter when you return to the page; a bug related to item ordering was fixed; “Are you sure?” message added to the Delete Project button; better handling of item names with colons and other characters
Export screen improvements: project metadata (such as copyright information) is saved; selecting projects from the dropdown automatically pulls in saved metadata
Namespaced WordPress post type names to ensure compatibility with other plugins
Anthologize content is now set to ‘draft’ by default, keeping it out of WordPress searches and reducing conflict with plugins hooking to publish_post
Frontmatter added to PDF export
Improved TEI output
0.3-alpha – August 3, 2010
Initial release

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